The history of Last Hour Ministries

nungwana preaching

The holy Scripture that awakened this calling is found in Matthew 20:1-16, that talks about five groups of people who were hired to work in a vineyard belonging to a certain man. A parable that our Lord Jesus Christ taught on the huge work of harvesting that is currently needed in his farm.

~ Daniel B. Nungwana

"The structure of this ministry is as follows: The first step is to take the gospel to the designated area. The second step is to facilitate discipleship to new believers. The third step is to teach those new christians from that area to discover their gifts so they can become working christians through their God-given gifts and talents."

"This includes providing entrepreneurship education with the aim of enabling them to build the church, their families and their communities financially. Alongside this knowledge, the fourth step is to educate widows and other groups on their basic legal rights including basic health education and the entire issue of AIDS."

~ Daniel B. Nungwana

The Great Commission

"The fifth step is to inspire all the working-class christians to be involved in the implementation of the great commission given by our Lord Jesus Christ" ~ Matthew 28:19-20

~ Daniel B. Nungwana

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